The LENZ-works Lab

Lots of people have great ideas, but LENZ-works has the contacts and relationships with broadcast partners, agencies and sponsors that allows us to turn those ideas into realities-Here's a few of our projects currently in production.


Music for Money :

Who hasn't been in their car, driving down the road and found themselves tapping their foot and humming along to the song on the stereo? And then you ask yourself - or someone else in the car with you - 'what group is this... what was the name of this song'? Well, Music for Money is the TV show that brings those scenarios to life... and with even more meaning - Money! CLICK HERE FOR A SNEAK PEAK

Have Band... Need Video:

At any given time there are more than 10 -thousand music groups waiting to be discovered. Lucky for them there are also over 10 -thousand film makers looking for the same, big break. Have Band... Need Video! is the show that puts the two art forms together... and in the process, makes a star out of both!

Behind The Ink:

Every tattoo has a history. It can be deeply symbolic, a memory of a loved one or simply an embarrassing decision. Behind the Ink is up close and personal as people reveal their motivations for going under the needle. CLICK HERE FOR A SNEAK PEAK

The Future Is Green!

From entire countries to lone individuals, our planet is fighting back! Watch as we showcase   people and products that help, rather than hurt our environment.  

The Unexpected Adventure:

Every Adventure begins with a dream... and dreams are turned into realities as we deliver people to the mountains of Alaska, the deserts of Australia and everywhere in between.



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